Level Up Your Nutrition:
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Macros

At some point in your life, you’ve had a hard time eating. Whether it’s because you’re losing focus on your fitness goals, or it’s just too hard to maintain because knowing the basics isn’t so easy. This invaluable book teaches you about calorie intake, macros, supplements and more.

About The Book

The Ultimate Guide To Calorie Intake

Believe it or not, when you cook for yourself, your body actually functions better. We show you the five irrefutable scientific reasons why in this book.

Macros Starter Guide

C’mon. Not every meal can be healthy. We give you 500 time-tested recipes that cover every meal of the day. They taste good, they’re easy to make and they’re kind to your bank account.

Which Supplements Should I Use?

In 1958, world-renowned French chef Gui de LuPont made a meal so good he divorced his wife of 54 years just so he could make that meal daily. We found that recipe, and we exclusively feature it here.

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What Other People Think

Collier trains specifically to your goals, no matter your age or physical condition. He sees no reason a 53 year old cannot look like (both internally and externally) a 33 year old. Whether those goals are weight loss or muscle toning, he cuts to the chase on all the diet and nutrition hoopla and has toning exercises that you won’t think are doing anything until 24-48 hours later. He personally cares about his clients and keeps up to speed with them (hand holding in my case) even when you are apart. I would have no one else but him as my trainer.
Kim Franz

Manhattan, KS

About The Author

Collier Sanders is a Certified Personal Trainer, BHS, CES. His wife, Krist, is a registered dietitian and restorative wellness practioner. With their expertise combined, they will surely help you succeed with your fitness goals!

Level Up Your Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started With Macros

You need this book. You will be guided on what really macros is all about and how you can implement macros tracking to get you better results in ANY fitness goals you may have.

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